5 Stars

This place is elegant. Like really elegant!  That being said, it still evokes a very homey environment. I visited the restaurant during dinner service and from start to finish everything was beautiful. The price certainly was beautiful as well. If you are planning to visit, make sure you bring your credit card (preferably Black Card!).  Enough said now on to the food.

To start the meal, my date and I shared an appetizer.  Upon the recommendation of the waiter, we had the salad of calamari, shrimp, octopus, and lobster with olive oil and lemon. It was a very light and fresh start to the meal.  We had a bottle of chardonnay to go along with the dish.  For the entrees my date ordered the veal medallions and I ordered the baby rack of lamb.  We shared the entrees sampling each others dish and we certainly were not disappointed.  The veal was served with shitake mushrooms and cheese. The rack of lamb was truly roasted perfectly. The vegetables that went along with it was an afterthought but I was extremely satisfied with the dish that it didn't even matter.  The medallions were flavorful and seemed to have been marinated in some kind of sauce. Whatever the technique was it truly left a mark. Overall the dinner was very beautiful and memorable. My date was quite impressed and that's what really matters. I have also visited this place during lunch time and they have the same impeccable service as at night.

- Dexter, V

182 Stevens Avenue, Cedar Grove, NJ • (973) 837-1660

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